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Welcome to The Social Sphere in The Sphere Universe

Prepare for your Journey Around The Universe

Thanks for taking interest in the most Interactive Crowdfunding Campaign today. The Interactive Spheres only on Kickstarter. Allow me to walk you through all of the different aspects TSU as we go Around The Universe. There are many different aspects to The Universe. I will explain them to you one by one.

The Universal Hall of Fame

We start with what could be the coolest section of The Universe. The Hall of Fame is a place where Backers will be Featured. They will be given a Page which will help them attract new likes, friends, and followers. Besides that, there are some awesome layouts that allow people to browse all of the Backers of The Interactive Spheres Campaign on Kickstarter. As a Backer, you will have the option to have your profile featured here.

Your Profile Page

When you  join TSU you will be given a profile page. It is your gateway to all of the awesome interaction that could exist in The Universe. See your messages, friends, posts, activity, groups, and more. You can also customize it to a certain extent and add your social profiles and favorite links. Additionally, as you navigate TSU you will see other members Avatars located in different places around the universe. The Avatars all link to their profile page here in the Social Sphere.

Universal Groups

Another cool feature of TSU is the ability to Create a group. You can create a group based on anything you like. Start one today and invite your friends to join. If you start a group for a Crowdfunding Campaign you are going to back that would be kinda cool. I started the “backers of the Interactive Spheres group” for our future Backers to keep up, discuss, and help me better the Campaign. I encourage you to join if think you might pledge your support for this potentially awesome Campaign. Once you register I will send you an invite..

Posting Options

One of the great things about being a member of TSU is the ability to make posts. I know every other social platform offers this to you. But we are different. As a member of The Universe you will be able to select from over ten different post types. This wide variety of post types includes: Quizzes, Votes, MEMES, GIFs, Embeds, Updates, Videos, and more. Once you join, a Create Button will appear in the menu which will give you access to the Universal Posting Page. You can choose your post type and share it with everyone. It is really easy to use and is available on all devices!

Universal Forums

What social site would be complete without a forum section. In this section of The Universe you can start a topic on any subject you want. Next on your journey around the universe is…

Please Help The Project By Sharing

Universal Activity Feed

Our Activity feed allows everyone to see what our members have been up to. Posts you make can be seen here. You can post updates to your profile page or your group page from this section as well. Check it out here.

The Universal FAQs

This section offers you the ability to ask me a question about TSU or The Interactive Spheres Campaign. If you are a member you can use our Quick Question Submit Form and view your question from your Profile Page. My answer will post directly below your question so you won’t have to go far to find it. You can reply to my answer from your profile page too.

Now that you are familiarized with The Universe

Why not Join? It’s free!

There might be even more you can do as a Member of The Universe! So join TSU today and you can help us reach our Ultimate Goal… To become the 1st Interactive Online Community in 3D. With your support we can achieve this awesome goal which will help us to revolutionize the internet! Please Back The Interactive Spheres on Kickstarter before time runs out!



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